How Long to Boil Fresh Kielbasa?

Answer The great wave of immigration that shaped America in the last years of the 19th century and early years of the 20th century was largely fueled by Poles and other Eastern Europeans. They brought wit... Read More »

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How do I Boil Kielbasa & Red Potatoes?

Kielbasa, otherwise known as Polish sausage, and red potatoes are common ingredients in one-pot cooking. The most famous of these dishes is called "low-country boil," which is popular in South Caro... Read More »

How long do I boil fresh smoked Polish sausage?

Smoked Polish sausage, or kielbasa, may be boiled for up to 45 minutes before grilling (or browning in a pan). To boil longer, simmer Polish sausage with a quarter inch of water in a covered skille... Read More »

How long does kielbasa keep out of the fridge?

I'm not sure. I left some out l;ast night, from 2pm - 930 am next dat by accident and it SEEMS to be ok. I tasted it and tasted fine and no funny smell. Although apartment was fairly air conditione... Read More »

How long do you grill smoked sausage or kielbasa?

On One Hand: Open GrillingSmoked sausage and kielbasa have a cook time of about 10 minutes on an open propane grill and 12 minutes on an open charcoal grill. Most great restaurants use propane to g... Read More »