How Long should i wait to eat or drink after i brush my teeth?

Answer Brushing twice a day, you can eat when ever during the morning if you rinse your mouth throughout the day with water. At night, brushing your teeth should be the last thing you do.

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How long should you wait to drink alcohol after giving blood?

In moderation it would be best to leave it for an hour or two, just don't go out on a bingeDune

How long should you wait before drinking alcohol after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

Answer You should wait for 3 - 4 days or until your dentist checks you again (whichever comes first.) Having any tooth pulled (wisdom teeth are difficult at best) tears the gums and your dentist ... Read More »

How long should you brush your teeth everytime you brush?

Brush for about 2-3 minutes. Here are some brushing tips:Brush the fronts, tops, and back sides of teeth thoroughly.Focus on gum line right below teeth to prevent build up of plaque and bacteria.Tr... Read More »

How long should I wait to drink?

Yes keep away from it with a sensitive tummy. You don't want to turn up and puke on everyone. I suggest a very short visit as you maybe still unwell. You should be taking rehydrating drinks and bla... Read More »