How Long it Takes to Grow Olives?

Answer The feather-like gray leaves of the evergreen olive tree provide an interesting contrast to other plants and trees in the garden. Olive trees grow to 50 feet high and 30 feet wide, and the branches... Read More »

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How to Grow Long-Leaved Olives?

Long-leaved olive, or Notelaea longifolia, occurs naturally in the subtropical woodlands across much of eastern Australia. Growing to an average height of 10 feet, it is a large shrub with a sprawl... Read More »

How long mustard takes to grow?

it takes 6 to 8 weeks for it to grow up to 4 feet

Tips on How Long Your Hair Takes to Grow?

No "magic bullet" can make your hair grow an inch overnight, say the experts at They maintain that, except for some very rare exceptions, most people only grow about six inches of... Read More »

How long it takes for grass seed to grow into a lawn?

The germination time of different lawn grasses varies. Most germinate from six to 14 days. It is recommended not to cut the new grass until it is 3 inches high. The whole process from seed to cutti... Read More »