How Long Should a Men's Suit Coat Be?

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What is the difference between a sport coat&a suit coat?

The key difference between a sport coat and a suit coat is that the latter has matching slacks. The sport coat is more versatile, spanning the gamut from casual to semiformal, while the more formal... Read More »

Should you wear a suit or sport coat to an interview?

On One Hand: Look Like a ProfessionalA suit conveys professionalism, seriousness of purpose and respect for the organization and the people doing the interviewing. A suit is the universally accepte... Read More »

How long should a men's suit jacket be?

According to the website A Tailored Suit, a men's suit jacket should have its waist button right below your waist, and the sleeves should leave one inch of exposed shirt cuff. It says that a good w... Read More »

How long did it take a knight to get into a full suit of armor?

Medieval armor required the help of servants; otherwise, a knight might not even have been able to put it on, according to Higgins Armory Museum. Although we cannot know the exact time, it takes ab... Read More »