How Long Should a Car Battery Be Charged?

Answer Generally, you should let your car battery charge for at least four to six hours or more. If possible, try to leave it charged overnight. If you're in a hurry, usually a half-hour charge will get y... Read More »

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How long should an RC battery be charged?

Electromagnetic waves are generated through frequency oscillations which usually involve a coil of wire or in an extension such as a transmitting antenna. Lasers are light, formed in a coherent bea... Read More »

How Long Should a Canon 30D Battery Be Charged the First Time?

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Does it affect the battery when we use the laptop on ac power even when the battery is fully charged ?

Can the Digipower BP-NKL9 battery be charged with Nikon Battery charger?

Now let's do some math... 4gb = 4x1024mb = 4096mb 4gb / 50mb = 4096mb / 50mb = 81.92 This means the 4gb card will hold 'bout 81 pictures. If you ever need to know while on the go, you can round... Read More »