How Long Should You Wait Between Tanning in Tanning Beds?

Answer Consistent tanning sessions are the key to developing a golden tan. To achieve your desired results you should consider three to five tanning sessions per week. By law each tanning session must b... Read More »

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How long should I wait to shower after tanning in a tanning bed?

On One Hand: Wait Two HoursMost tanning salons suggest waiting at least two hours before showering. This is because the tanning process continues well after the tanning session ends. When you show... Read More »

Information on Tanning Beds & Tanning Products?

Tanning has a direct impact on current and future health of your skin. Tanning beds and tanning products can be part of your skincare regimen when safety guidelines are followed. ... Read More »

The Effects of Long Exposure to Tanning Beds?

Tanning beds use ultraviolet rays that react with your skin to generate melanin, which darkens your skin. Although exposure to the rays can boost your spirits, long- term effects from overuse of ... Read More »

Stand Up Tanning Beds Vs. Lay Down Tanning Beds?

If you are looking for a thorough tan that covers your entire body, stand-up tanning beds are your answer. They can save you time, give you more accurate coverage, and ease your fears of confined ... Read More »