How Long Should One Keep Sage Tea on Grey Hair?

Answer Sage is a pungent herb usually associated with stuffing at Thanksgiving. But did you know it has a long tradition of use as a remedy for bad breath, excessive perspiration, dandruff, Alzheimer's sy... Read More »

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How to Eliminate Grey Hair (Sage or Rosemary Method)?

This is a natural treatment for covering grey hairs that you can make at home. It restores natural colour temporarily; it is not a dye. It will also need to be re-added regularly for it to last.

How to Use Rubbed Sage Leaves to Color Grey Hair?

Many dyes are available to stop your hair from graying and bring your hair back to its original color. Most of these use chemicals to dye your hair and many can be expensive. However, you can use a... Read More »

Is it true that if you pull out one grey hair, more than one grey hair will grow back in its place?

This is NOT true. Each hair has a folicle that it grows out of. You only have a certain amount of them. If you pull one hair 2 or more cannot grow in the same folicle and you cannot grow new folicles.

How to Care for Long Grey Hair?

Grey hair has been portrayed in fashion as a negative for many years. There are many home hair color kits that claim to eradicate greys and grey-covering touch up sticks that only provide a tempora... Read More »