How Long Is a Judgment Lien Good for in Florida?

Answer A judgment lien is placed on you or your property if you owe money to a person or entity, and that entity sues you, then wins the case. A lien is a legal document that states that you owe money, an... Read More »

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How long is a claim of lien good in Florida for home owner's association fees?

You can work with your attorney to refile the lien before it expires. Every state law is different in this regard.

How long will a lien last on a condominium in Florida?

Generally, liens for non-payment of assessments remain on the title to the property indefinitely and can be reflected in the owner's credit report. A lien placed on the title by a contractor may ha... Read More »

Is a Judgment the Same As a Lien & Which One Is Worse?

When you find yourself in debt, creditors can use a number of tactics to try to collect the balance that you owe. In this situation, you may hear the terms "judgment" and "lien" used frequently. Wh... Read More »

Can a judgment put a lien on your house in texas?

You can put a judgment lien on a house in Texas if you prepare and file an abstract of judgment in the county records. This is a written statement of what the debtor owes you. Take this to the coun... Read More »