How Long Is a Deed of Trust?

Answer A deed of trust is a legal document that, along with a promissory note, provides written evidence of a mortgage loan. The deed of trust will remain in effect until the mortgage loan has been fully ... Read More »

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The Definition of a Special Warranty Deed and Deed of Trust in Texas?

A real estate sale in Texas commonly involves three documents: a deed, promissory note and deed of trust. The deed is the document used to convey title to the property from seller to buyer. Texas l... Read More »

What is the difference between a deed of trust and a warranty deed?

A deed is a document that conveys some type of legal interest in a parcel of real property. Warranty deeds and deeds of trust differ in the types of interests they convey.General FunctionA warranty... Read More »

New Mexico Deed of Trust Act?

Purchasing real property using a loan will require securing repayment of the loan. While most states use a document called a mortgage to secure the loan, several states, including New Mexico, use a... Read More »

What is a trust deed?

A trust deed is a document that pledges real property to secure a loan. It is used by certain states instead of a mortgage. A trust deed is often referred to as a deed of trust.ProcessThe owner of ... Read More »