How Long Is Foundation Good For?

Answer Foundation, a cosmetic coloring used to even out skin tone, comes in liquid and powder form. Consumers should throw away foundation after one or two years, but according to British retailer Debenha... Read More »

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What is the difference between liquid foundation, mouse foundation and matte foundation?

Liquid foundation is just that: foundation in liquid form.Mousse foundation is just that: foundation in mousse form.And matte foundation is just that: foundation with a matte finish.The form is all... Read More »

What is a good foundation :)?

The Revlon colorstay whipped is AMAZING. I used to use the original revlon colorstay and this is a lot better. And I have the same skin as you. I hope I helped!:)

Good foundation for dry skin?

Honestly, I have very dry, sensitive skin. I use Neutrogena liquid foundation. Just apply moisturizer right after you shower or wash your face that way your skin will absorb the moisturizer better,... Read More »

Need a good foundation?

If you have a Dillard's Dept store go to their cosmetic counter, Clinique is good and so is Estee' Lauder, they will give you a makeover and help you discover your best color coordination for your ... Read More »