How Long Does it Take to Grow a Papaya Plant?

Answer Papaya plants grow in tropical environments and produce large fruits with orange flesh and many small black seeds in the center. A mature papaya plant produces between 60 and 80 lbs. of fruit per y... Read More »

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How tall does a papaya plant grow?

Papaya trees can grow anywhere form 2.5 to 10 meters tall (approx. 8 to 33 feet).

What should i do that my papaya plant grow fast can i put sugar or anything else?

Water the soil when dry to the touch - that is, when you touch the top of the soil it feels dry, but when you insert your finger to your knuckle it feels lightly moist. Then water it until the wate... Read More »

I have a papaya plant and its root are cut by mistake can it grow now the pant is very small right now?

Depends on how badly the roots are damaged...

I have given salty water to papaya plant will it die now the plant is very small?

Give the plant a good soaking watering to try to leach the salt out of the soil. Then remove the plant, wash the soil off and repot in a new pot with new soil. A very small plant may not survive ... Read More »