How Long Does a Small Claims Court Judgment Last?

Answer The amount of time a small claims judgment lasts varies from one state to the next. They generally last between three and five years.Source:American Bar Association

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How to Collect on a Small Claims Court Judgment?

Small claims courts can be found in almost all jurisdictions in the United States. These courts handle a variety of civil legal matters than do not involve the dispute of a large amount of money. W... Read More »

How Does Bankruptcy Affect a Small Claims Court Judgment?

A small claims court judgment contains an order from a judge requiring a debtor to pay a creditor a certain amount of money. The creditor can enforce the judgment in a variety of different ways. Ho... Read More »

What happens if i don't pay a small claims judgment?

On One Hand: Plaintiff Can Begin to ExecuteIf you don't pay a small claims judgment, the plaintiff can begin to execute on the judgment. This means that the plaintiff can garnish your wages, attach... Read More »

How do I collect a small claims judgment?

If you have recently won a case in small claims court, which try cases that pay up to $5,000 as a maximum award, you still have to jump through some hoops to collect your small claims settlement. E... Read More »