How Long Does a Hair Relaxer Stay in Hair?

Answer Hair relaxers are chemicals used to straighten coarse, kinky and curly hair. They are essentially very mild forms of depilatories (hair removal creams) that work by softening hair until it can be e... Read More »

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How long will hair color stay in my hair?

About 4-5 weeks. Make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner especially for color treated hair to keep it from fading. Also, at least once a week, use a deep conditioning mask. If you keep your ... Read More »

How long does marijuana stay in your hair?

To fail a hair test, you need to smoke marijuana 3 different times. The typical testing time for chronic (daily) users is 90 days. Taking just a hit or 2 might cause a fail on a urine test within... Read More »

How Long Does Food Coloring Stay in Your Hair?

There are numerous ways to color one's hair besides the conventional chemicals in a beauty salon. One method of coloring hair that has gained popularity is to use food coloring. This is appealing b... Read More »

How Long Should You Wait to Get a Relaxer After You Washed Your Hair?

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