How Long Does Permanent Make Up Last?

Answer Permanent makeup employs techniques from tattooing to apply pigment to your skin, making it appear that you are always wearing makeup. Good candidates for permanent makeup include individuals with ... Read More »

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How Long After a Permanent Can You Color Your Hair?

Volkswagen introduced the GTI hatchback in 1985. The 2007 GTI has many improvements to the original and Automobile Magazine named the 2007 model its Car of the Year. The 2007 model comes as either ... Read More »

How long does a DUI stay on a permanent record?

The length of time that a DUI will stay on your permanent record varies per state. In the state of Georgia, for example, a DUI conviction will remain on your permanent record forever. Check with y... Read More »

How long will a dui be attached to your permanent driving record in florida?

A DUI in Florida stays on your permanent driving record and driving history for 75 years. Unlike minor convictions that remain for a period of 10 years from the conviction date, serious convictions... Read More »

How long does service connected disability pay you if your injury is permanent?

The payment is for life once the disability is determined to be permanent. The VA has the right to ask the individual to come in for re-evaluation.