How Long Does Permanent Make Up Last?

Answer Permanent makeup employs techniques from tattooing to apply pigment to your skin, making it appear that you are always wearing makeup. Good candidates for permanent makeup include individuals with ... Read More »

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How to Make Semi-Permanent Haircolor Last?

Semi-permanent hair color doesn't last as long as permanent hair colors. The layers of color are washed away every time you shampoo until all the color is washed out. Normally, the semi-permanent h... Read More »

Does a permanent hair dye last the rest of your life?

No hair color is truly PERMANENT because your outgrowth will always be your natural shade. Red also fades more than any other color dye because of it's chemical bonds. So you're really out of luck.... Read More »

How long does a DUI stay on a permanent record?

The length of time that a DUI will stay on your permanent record varies per state. In the state of Georgia, for example, a DUI conviction will remain on your permanent record forever. Check with y... Read More »

How long does the lamp last in a Phillips 42FLP3603D27 TV last?

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