How Long Does Negative Job Information Remain on a Background Check?

Answer Employers use background checks to increase their chances of hiring good employees. The information in a background check varies depending on what the prospective employer is looking for. Credit ch... Read More »

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How long does negative information remain on your credit?

According to the federal rule on credit reporting time lines, negative information can remain on your credit history for up to seven years. If you find that adverse information remains on your cred... Read More »

How long does information stay on a background check?

Information stays on a background check indefinitely. For instance, criminal convictions (both misdemeanor and felony) will remain until sealed or expunged. Other information that remains indefinit... Read More »

How long does financial information remain on file at the credit bureaus?

Negative information such as unpaid debts, late payments and liens remain on credit reports for seven years. Bankruptcies report for 10 years. Inquiries which temporarily can lower your score remai... Read More »

How long does a misdemeanor bad check charge in North Carolina show on a criminal background check?

In North Carolina, a misdemeanor charge remains on your criminal record unless removed--or expunged--by the court. Criteria for consideration include your age when the crime was committed (must be ... Read More »