How Long Does Ficus Take to Grow?

Answer Ficus, or fig trees, are fast-growing subtropical and tropical climate trees. They are also grown as shrubs, bushes and indoor houseplants. Exact growth rates differ greatly from species to species... Read More »

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How to Grow Ficus Carica?

The Ficus carica is the ordinary fig tree on which people grow eating figs. You have a lot of choices with over 400 different varieties. The most common of the backyard varieties are the Black Miss... Read More »

Where do ficus trees grow?

Ficus trees are native to India, southeast Asia and the Malaysian archipelago. Because they are accustomed to a tropical or subtropical climate, as house plants they do best in a warm environment a... Read More »

How to Grow a Ficus Benjamina?

While the Ficus benjamina is notorious for being difficult to grow, it is possible to raise a healthy tree. Just follow a few simple guidelines, and your tree will have the best chances for a long ... Read More »

Will a ficus tree grow in Jacksonville?

A ficus tree will grow in Jacksonville, North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. There are over 800 species and thousands of varieties of ficus trees. Ficus trees are popular outdoor landscape pla... Read More »