How Long Do You Keep Carbonless Checkbooks?

Answer Most people do not want to keep their checkbook records any longer than they have to. Carbonless checkbooks and the carbon copy type are treated the same from a tax perspective. The Internal Reven... Read More »

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Do checkbooks go out of date?

Your checkbook can become out of date. Once checks are 6 months old, the bank considers it stale dated. This means the bank has a choice about whether it wants to pay on checks you write that are o... Read More »

Do checkbooks expire?

As long as the account the check is drawn on is active and funded, the checks are good to use. Check with the bank or institution to make certain that the ABA routing number or other banking inform... Read More »

Who invented carbonless paper?

Barry Green and Lowell Schleicher developed the chemical process that is responsible for the creation of carbonless copy paper. They worked for the NCR Corporation at the time of invention and file... Read More »

Can carbonless paper be recycled?

Carbonless paper, commonly used for credit card receipts, can be recycled, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Carbonless paper falls into the category of colored ledger paper, a... Read More »