How Long Do Ignition Coils for Cars Last?

Answer The ignition coil is the heart of an automotive spark ignition system, but is essentially just an electrical transformer. It consists of a primary coil made up of 100 to 150 turns of heavy copper w... Read More »

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Why do diesel cars last so long?

Vehicles with diesel engines tend to last longer because the explosive force of a diesel engine requires much more heavy-duty materials that do not break down as easily over time. In addition, dies... Read More »

How to Test Ignition Coils?

From coils and coil packs to electronic ignitions and computers, the ignition system can be a mystery. How do you know whether a coil is causing the problems that you are experiencing in your car? ... Read More »

How to Test Ignition Coils on a BMW 328?

On recent models like the 328 3 Series, BMW switched from the use of spark plug wires to individual coil packs that install on each cylinder’s spark plug. This is an efficient and reliable way of... Read More »

How do ignition coils work?

Automotive ignition systems generate the spark that ignites the fuel mixture in the cylinders. The ignition coil produces a high voltage pulse that is sent to the spark plugs to make the spark.Coil... Read More »