How Long Do I Need to Keep My 401K?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service allows corporations to set up retirement plans called 401k plans to help employees with their retirement savings. These plans permit both the employee and the employer ... Read More »

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How Long Do I Need to Keep an Insurance EOB?

When you're at risk of being buried under an avalanche of insurance paperwork, it's hard to know what insurance documents to keep and which are safe to toss. Health insurance explanation of benefi... Read More »

Should you keep adding money to your 401k?

On One Hand: You should contribute to your 401kYou should continue to add money to your 401k. The tax advantages and tax-deferred growth offer a very attractive opportunity. In addition, any empl... Read More »

How long do i need to keep employee files?

On One Hand: General Employee RecordsEach employee file has different information, each requiring various retention periods. Employers must retain applications, promotion information, dates of empl... Read More »

How Long Do You Need to Keep Your Tax Returns?

Keep copies of your filed returns. The IRS recommends that taxpayers keep return records as long as any limitation for a particular event runs out. For example, the limitation for fraudulent on non... Read More »