How Long Do Automatic Transmissions Last?

Answer How long an automatic transmission lasts depends on the age, make and model of the car, proper maintenance, and on the type of driver. Check your transmission fluid levels often and follow the manu... Read More »

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About Automatic Transmissions?

Basically, an automatic transmission or AT contains a series of gears in different sizes that work in combination to multiply engine turning power and speed to fit different driving conditions. Com... Read More »

How Automatic Transmissions Work?

You get in your 1997 Saturn and try to start it. All you're getting is a rapid clicking sound when you turn the key on. The end result is that you need to replace the starter. You can do it yoursel... Read More »

About Corvette Automatic Transmissions?

Corvettes are best known for their speed. Since 1953, Chevrolet has been making this affordable sports car. Some Corvette enthusiasts say that since '53, Chevy has never wavered on power or perform... Read More »

How to Identify GM Automatic Transmissions?

GM has manufactured several types of transmissions over the years. If you need one for a project, knowing what you've got comes in handy. Identifying a GM automatic transmission can be done with a ... Read More »