How Long Can Sperm Survive in a Condom?

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I took a condom full a sperm from this guy i slept with. How long do I need to keep it in me?

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She took the SPERM out of the CONDOM & put it in her...?

She waited 18 hours before inserting the sperm into her? Or after they were done and he left she inserted the sperm in her?Im not sure what u mean by the 18 hour deal.But yes, semen/sperm does stay... Read More »

Can sperm live in a condom?

According to Men's Health, sperm will die in a few hours when they are not in the human body. In addition, a condom that contains a spermicide will kill them immediately. Even sperm kept in a conta... Read More »

What if you had sex and the condom broke but no sperm came out can you still get pregnant?

Answer It is definitely possible, but unlikely. But you should probably make sure that you're using the condom properly: not to open it w... Read More »