How Long After a Creditor Gets a Judgment on Me Can It Attach My Bank Account?

Answer A person who is owed money often files a lawsuit in order to obtain a legal determination that the money is owed. Once the court has made the determination, or entered the judgment, the party must ... Read More »

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Can a creditor freeze my bank account after bankruptcy?

In a chapter 7 bankruptcy case, once a debtor receives a discharge, creditors are not allowed to initiate or continue legal action in regards to collecting the discharged debt. However, there certa... Read More »

Can a Creditor Freeze My Bank Account for Unsecured Debt?

It is possible to wake up one morning to find that someone emptied your bank account -- legally. Creditors can freeze your bank account, called a levy, for unsecured debt after winning a lawsuit. H... Read More »

How to Freeze a Bank Account Post Judgment?

Freezing a bank account post judgment involves a straightforward process, assuming part of the judgment awards you the right to freeze the debtor's assets and bank accounts. Keep in mind, there are... Read More »

Can a home owners association attach my bank account for fees without my knowledge?

Attaching your bank account generally means that a valid presentation of debt has been supplied to a court, a judgment rendered dictating that you owe the debt, and the judgment presented to the ba... Read More »