How Londoners can tolerate their underground?

Answer Tell me about it, thats one of the reasons I wont be working in London again if I can help it. We have no choice but to accept it, our views and complaints arent listended to, can you really see th... Read More »

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How underground is the london underground?

Unless the smell of brimstone permeates the atmosphere I'd say not all that deep.

Why should I tolerate non-veg*ns?

as a vegan, here's why i tolerate omnivores. i can do no good by ridiculing people for what they have done naturally their whole life. i cant push them away just for being themselves. instead, i ha... Read More »

How to Get Your Cat to Tolerate a Bath?

Cats are generally 'self-cleaning' animals, but the day may come when you need to give yours a bath.Cats don't naturally like to get wet, and giving a cat a bath can result in hurt feelings and scr... Read More »

How much pain can u tolerate?

When I am having a headache they give me the 1-10 scale and i give them a 4, they ask why I'm there, I explain it works like a Richter scale. I've been shot, w/ vest on by 9mm (that hurts), broke a... Read More »