How Large Does a Debt Have to Be to Be Sued?

Answer Creditors have the ability to sue for an unpaid debt. Some debt allows creditors to take immediate action if it is not paid -- most contracts give creditors the right to seize collateral like a hou... Read More »

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Can you be sued over a credit card debt?

A credit card company can sue you if you do not pay back your debt. A credit card company is more likely to sue you if you are more than 60 days late. If you have a cosigner on the account, the cre... Read More »

Can I be sued for not paying a credit card debt?

You can be sued for not paying your credit card debt. Once you are 60 days or more behind on your debt, your creditor may decide to take action against you. You should try to work something out wit... Read More »

Can you go to jail for being sued for credit card debt?

In order to be put into jail or prison in the United States, a person must first be convicted of criminal activities or behavior. In the United States, it is not considered a crime to fail to make ... Read More »

What Are My Legal Options After Being Sued by a Debt Collector?

Any time you owe a debt and neglect to promptly pay it, a debt collector may file a lawsuit against you. If you find yourself in this situation, you have legal options that can help you avoid a ju... Read More »