How Is the Brake Pedal Attached Inside a Car?

Answer The brake pedal in a car, when depressed, activates the braking system, allowing the vehicle to slow and stop. The brake pedal connects to other components in this system to enable the proper amoun... Read More »

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How to Remove a Brake Booster From the Brake Pedal in a Tahoe?

The Chevrolet Tahoe has been popular among soccer moms and big families for years. Over that time, they've become fairly advanced, including features like electronic throttle control and a tighter ... Read More »

How to Fix a Low Brake Pedal?

The braking system is critical to automotive safety. Our lives, and the lives of others, depend on proper functioning of the brakes on every vehicle on the road. Brake systems do fail, so you must ... Read More »

Which pedal is the brake?

In standard American automobiles, the brake pedal is located on the floor of the driver's side to the left of the accelerator. In cars or trucks with a manual transmission, the brake is still found... Read More »

Just now while going inside carpark, instead of pressing the break pedal, I accidentally press the accelerator?

As long as you didn't hit it you are fine. Don't worry it was a mistake, we all make them. It's a rare mistake. One time I put my car in drive instead of reverse when backing out and took out the g... Read More »