How Is the Amount of My SSI Benefits Determined?

Answer Supplemental Security Income provides assistance to people who are disabled, blind or over age 65 who do not have sufficient work history to qualify for an equal amount of Social Security benefits.... Read More »

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How is the amount of Medicaid spend down determined?

Your monthly income and medical expenses are compared to predetermined amounts called income disregard and Medicaid Need Standard. Subtract the income disregard and the Medicaid Need Standard from ... Read More »

Who discovered that the amount of rings in a cross-section determined the age of a tree?

Andrew Ellicott Douglass was the first person to discover that one could determine the age of a tree by studying the rings. Douglass was a 27-year-old astronomer when he discovered this phenomenon... Read More »

What is the largest amount of SSI benefits you can get in California?

The amount of SSI a California resident receives varies. As of June 2010, a single person living alone in California, with cooking facilities, receives $845 per month. For a couple, the maximum is ... Read More »

What is the highest amount of Social Security benefits?

The maximum monthly Social Security benefit is adjusted each year for inflation. For 2010, the maximum monthly benefit equals $2,346. If you retire before full retirement age, your maximum benefit ... Read More »