How Is a Student Loan Payment History Reported?

Answer Federal and private student loans help millions to pay for post-secondary training needed in today's job market. Although loan payments can strain graduate budgets, they can also establish a good c... Read More »

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How is student loan payment history reported?

Student loan amounts, account balances and payment history is regularly reported to the three major credit bureaus. Information on late payments is withheld from the credit report until your accoun... Read More »

How to Make a Payment on My Student Loan?

If you are ready to begin repaying your student loans, there are many ways to go about this process, depending on the loan service that you have borrowed from. Most student lending agencies make p... Read More »

Determining student loan payment towards principle?

Very smart of you to inform yourself on what's most beneficial for you. They have what is called an amortization schedule. You can probably ask them to send you one, if not Microsoft Excel spread... Read More »

What if I can’t make my federal student loan payment?

Call your your servicer and ask to go into forbearance for a while since you can't make your payments. :)