How Is a Budget a Communication Tool?

Answer You may not immediately look at your budget as a communication tool so much as a basic financial tool for your business. But when you consider the fact that a communication tool is any resource tha... Read More »

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Is communication an effective tool in an organization?

Communication is an effective tool in an organization because it helps the business grow and compete. Communication in any form, whether it be verbal, written or nonverbal, is important to business... Read More »

How to Register for Free Oogwave Communication and Collaboration Tool?

Oogwave is a simple and intuitive communication and collaboration cloud application.You can manage your files and documents, pictures and images.Create groups and manage your own private network.Oo... Read More »

Can a project budget be used as a risk mitigation tool?

On One Hand: A Budget Keeps the Project On TrackA budget is heavily affected by "project drift," which is a risk to the project's success. Project drift occurs when the focus of a project becomes l... Read More »

What is ureka forbes personal selling as a major marketing communication tool than adevertising or seles pramation for vacuum cleaners and watter purifier what is the relevance of such astrategy?

Answer They have to break sometime. The day it breaks has nothing to do with why it broke. Check your water line and make sure the unit itself hasn't worked loose from the power connector. If that... Read More »