How Is Smokeless Powder Made?

Answer Smokeless powder is a propellant commonly used in firearm cartridges. "Smokeless" refers to the small amount of visible gas discharge and residue left in a gun's barrel by the combustion of smokele... Read More »

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How to Remove Humidity From Smokeless Reloading Powder?

Smokeless powder is a propellant used in modern firearm cartridges. Smokeless powder has a legal classification as a propellant, and you can thus store it in most jurisdictions without any restrict... Read More »

How Is Cement Powder Made?

Four types of substances go into the making of portland cement: calcium, aluminum, iron and silicon. The primary material, calcium, typically comes from limestone. Sand or clay provide the silicon,... Read More »

How is cocoa powder made?

The cacao tree (Theobroma cacao) produces pods that contain cacao beans. Manufacturers turn these beans into a number of chocolate-based products, including cocoa powder that can be used for baking... Read More »

What is face powder made of?

Flower and salt and stuff that helps the face