How Is Silk Made Into Fabric?

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How Is Cotton Made Into Fabric?

No one knows for sure where cotton plants were first cultivated---scientists have found ancient cotton cloth in Mexico, Pakistan and Egypt. Until the Industrial Revolution, cotton was picked, proce... Read More »

How is wool made into fabric?

After wool is sheared from a sheep and washed, the wool is processed using one of two systems that determine the consistency of the finished fabric and the end product.Wollen SystemDuring wollen sy... Read More »

Silk Fabric Types?

Known for its luxurious look and feel, silk has been the fabric of choice for apparel and furnishings since the study of silk worms began in China during the 2600s BC. After silk worms are raised i... Read More »

Can I stretch a silk fabric?

Silk can be stretched over a frame for painting, but it does not have much of a natural stretch. One should be careful not to tear the fabric when attempting to stretch it.References:White Loft Sil... Read More »