How Is Petroleum Used in Ink?

Answer Mineral oil made from petroleum acts as a solvent in ink. It helps to disperse the pigments in colored inks. Petroleum-based solvents also are used to help inks dry faster. Petroleum-based inks per... Read More »

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Is synthetic oil petroleum?

Synthetic oil comes from crude oil, or petroleum, just like conventional oil. The difference between conventional and synthetic oils is that synthetics have been chemically modified, or synthesized... Read More »

Is petroleum a fossil?

Petroleum is classified as a fossil fuel. Our oil developed 300 millions years ago in the oceans of the world. Small creatures called diatoms fell into the water as they died, then the pressure fro... Read More »

What Are the Qualifications of a Petroleum Engineer?

Love it or loathe it, fossil fuels make the world go 'round. Oil can be refined to make gasoline and other fuels, which keeps the transportation industry, and many others, running. Petroleum engin... Read More »

How to Switch From Petroleum Oil to Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic motor oils provide a heightened lubrication action due to the synthesized molecular structure of the lubricant, as well as a more thorough cleansing action that removes carbon deposits an... Read More »