How Is Overtime Calculated for Hourly Employees?

Answer Employers compensate employees using several different pay structures. Some employees receive a salary providing the same compensation amount for a week or a month regardless of the actual number o... Read More »

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How is overtime calculated?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employers that allow employees to work overtime hours must pay them overtime wages. Generally, hours worked in excess of 40 are paid at the employee's ove... Read More »

Salaried Employees Overtime Laws?

The Fair Labor Standards Act, also known as the FLSA, establishes standards for many facets of payment of wages for labor, including overtime. The FLSA regulates over 130 million workers, according... Read More »

Can I Give My Non-Exempt Employees Time Off Instead of Overtime Pay?

In 1938 by Franklin Roosevelt established the Fair Labor Standards Act after meeting a young girl who told him about her mother's meager wages. It not only establishes a federal minimum wage that a... Read More »

The U.S. Labor Laws for Hourly Employees?

The U.S. Department of Labor maintains laws governing labor practices in the United States. These laws, especially the Fair Labor Standards Act, govern employers in their dealings with employees re... Read More »