How Is Moire Fabric Made?

Answer Moire is a fabric with an attractive rippling "watery" effect. Moire fabrics are often made from silk, and called "watered silk." The cloth pattern of moire fabric is created through a finishing pr... Read More »

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What Is Moire Fabric?

Moire is a treatment in which a fabric is given a pattern that has a "watered" look. In fact, silk that is manufactured with a moire pattern is often called watered silk. There are different ways t... Read More »

How is seersucker fabric made?

Seersucker fabric is an all-cotton fabric with a textured, bumpy feel. It is usually striped or checkered. Seersucker is woven using a slack-tension weave, and some of the threads bunch together, c... Read More »

How to Tie Dye Anything Made from Natural Fabric?

Tie dying is a fun and somewhat complicated process. Professional results have a price as well.

What fabric is spandex made of?

Spandex is a fabric made of a synthetic polyurethane blended with other natural and synthetic fibers. Spandex was invented by Joseph C. Shivers of DuPont in 1959 and originally called Lycra.Source:... Read More »