How Is Marital Property Divided in Maryland If You Divorce?

Answer When divorcing in Maryland, you must determine which property owned by you and your spouse is marital property and which is non-marital property. If you cannot come to an agreement on how to divide... Read More »

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How to Understand when Separate Property Becomes Marital Property?

Before a person marries, all of his or her personal and real property belongs solely to him or her, unless it is intentionally titled jointly with another. Personal property includes furnishings, h... Read More »

How to Prove Non-Marital Property?

Assets accrued before marriage are non-marital property. You can also acquire certain assets in the course of a marriage that could be classified as non-marital. This includes property you acquire ... Read More »

Who gets the marital residence in Florida during a divorce?

Under Florida law, only one spouse can retain ownership of the house. The person who receives primary custody of any minor children will usually get the house, otherwise, the house will go to the o... Read More »

Tennessee Marital Property Laws?

What is and isn't considered marital property in the event of divorce depends on the state where the couple made their marital home. Tennessee is an equitable distribution state. That doesn't mean... Read More »