How Is Ditra Mat Secured to the Floor?

Answer Manufactured by Schluter Systems, Ditra mats are installed under floor tile to help offset substrate movement, which can crack tile and dislodge grout. Ditra is secured to the floor with cement-bas... Read More »

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How to Mix Versabond for a Ditra Application?

Ditra is a polyethylene membrane produced by the Schluter Systems. When properly installed, Ditra functions as a flexible barrier between the shifting substrate and the delicate tile. Versabond is ... Read More »

How do I remove splatters of white paint from a hardwood floor wthout damaging the floor.?

If mineral spirits doesn't do it, then take a butter knife or flathead screw driver,put a cloth over the end and gently rub the spots off.The cloth will help protect the floor

What is an effective and easy way to remove/clean the oil that's on the garage floor (it's a concrete floor)?

Believe it or not - Kitty Litter. The cheapest you can find. Put it on the oil spots & let it remain a couple days. Stir & sweep it around once or twice.It might take a couple treatments but it wil... Read More »

How to Lay Ceramic Floor Tile in a Utility Room Floor With a Dished Drain?

Laying a ceramic floor in a utility room that contains a drain is the same process as tiling the floor of the shower. You tile floor all around the drain first, then use a cardboard template to tra... Read More »