How Is Cotton Made Into Fabric?

Answer No one knows for sure where cotton plants were first cultivated---scientists have found ancient cotton cloth in Mexico, Pakistan and Egypt. Until the Industrial Revolution, cotton was picked, proce... Read More »

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How is fabric made from cotton?

Cotton is a fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant, according to This fiber is the basis for one of the world's most popular fabrics, dating back to around ... Read More »

How is cotton harvested and turned into fabric?

Cotton is a popular choice of fabric, and a very lucrative industry. Although harvesting is the final part of the growing process, it is also the most important.Time of YearCotton must be picked be... Read More »

How is cotton made into yarn?

Cotton is the leading cash crop of the United States, according to the National Cotton Council of America. Used in apparel, housewares and even cars, the ubiquitous fabric known as cotton must firs... Read More »

How is cotton made into thread?

The fluffy white plant known as cotton must undergo a process called spinning before it can yield thread suitable for creating woven fabrics.GinningBefore cotton can become thread, a process called... Read More »