How I know I sprained my ankle?

Answer Go to the er and get x rays because you can't really tell whether your ankle is actually good or not after an accident by just looking at the outside, the doctors have to examine its inside too. If... Read More »

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How to Know if You've Sprained Your Ankle?

Ankle injuries are the most common joint injuries, and they are common issues related to exercising. Ankle sprains account for 85 percent of all ankle injuries, and they occur when the ligaments ho... Read More »

Ankle support for Sprained ankle (grade 2) overkill Ace bandage + Ace brace + ankle brace (see pictures)?

Tripped and my ankle started to hurt a little and now my ankle is it sprained .if how long 2 heal?

I have some experience here. I played football through college and had alot of sprains. I would guess its sprained but can not know for certain without looking at it. None the less, Ice will help i... Read More »

How do I tell the difference between a sprained ankle and a twisted ankle?

A sprain and a twist are pretty much the same thing. The biggest question is whether any of the tiny bones in the ankle or foot could be fractured (broken). Either broken or just sprained, you may ... Read More »