How Honda Inverter Generators Work?

Answer Honda inverter generators use advanced technology to produce alternating current, or AC, electricity that is as clean as AC from utility companies. They are smaller, quieter and more fuel efficient... Read More »

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How do generators work on an RV?

Generators are gasoline-powered engines that produce electricity to run appliances and electrical outlets off of battery power. Generators are often used with recreational vehicles, also known as R... Read More »

Do hydrogen generators work?

On One Hand: Hydrogen Generators WorkBy adding a hydrogen generator to your vehicle, you will supplement regular fuel and increase mileage. A hydrogen generator creates the hydrogen from water usin... Read More »

Do HHO fuel generators really work?

On One Hand: Great ConceptHHO is highly flammable hydrogen gas. It can be obtained from water, which is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. HHO--sometimes known as Brown's gas, for the inventor of the ... Read More »

How do alternators&generators work?

Many old-schoolers are aware that antique cars came with generators instead of alternators that new cars have. However, very few understand how these related, but structurally dissimilar, power-gen... Read More »