How Henna Is Used to Decorate People?

Answer Dying the hair, skin, lips or nails with henna is a natural, inexpensive and non-permanent way to decorate the body. The dye is made from the ground leaves of the Mingnonette or Lawsonia inermis sh... Read More »

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How to Make Henna Paint From Henna Powder?

Henna body art has been used for hundreds of years in Eastern countries, traditionally to decorate the hands and feet for wedding ceremonies and other special occasion. Leaves of the henna plant ar... Read More »

How long will it take 2 people to decorate a bedroom?

It is depend on the number and size of the furniture. It is also depends on the previous planning about decoration. If the number of furniture are increase then it takes more time. But if the size ... Read More »

Is there a website where u can post pictures of inside of your house and people can help decorate?

upload pics on photobucket and put the link in the details and people on here can help you.

What can you do with henna?

Henna (Body art quality) can be used to decorate your skin and nails, it can be worn by anybody regardless what your nationality or religious background is. It has antifugal and antibacterial prope... Read More »