How Have Humans Impacted the Ecosystem?

Answer Natural ecosystems are involved in a wide variety of natural processes that support life for many creatures, including humans. Human activity has impacted the ecosystems in direct and indirect rout... Read More »

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Have you been impacted by swine flu?

yes. there were quite a few cases at my school last month and they had to close it for a week, hoping to contain it, but that didnt really help as more people got it anyway. it was weird cos the we... Read More »

How have the un failed policies impacted the us?

America's trade was neutral in theory, but not in fact

How have past and current regulations impacted air cargo management?

What Effect Do Starlings Have on the Ecosystem?

Sometimes, we do things we can, then find out we shouldn't. In 1890, a Shakespeare fan named Eugene Schieffelin, who had read about starlings in the Bard's "Henry IV," was inspired to bring some of... Read More »