How Floor-Mat Alarm Circuits Work?

Answer A floor-mat alarm is an ingenious device, useful in security situations, and also as a safety measure to monitor vulnerable patients at risk of falling or wandering, when used in health-care facili... Read More »

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How Alarm Remotes Work?

The 1997 Ford Taurus oxygen sensor threads into the exhaust system just below the catalytic converter. When your car's "Check Engine" indicator is on and your gas mileage has substantially decrease... Read More »

Do alarm systems work?

On One Hand: Security for Your Home and FamilyA Rutgers University study shows that having an alarm system reduces burglaries for a home and the community. Beyond deterrence, security systems alert... Read More »

How does an alarm bell work?

Even in the age of electronic buzzers, motorized or electromagnetic alarm bells still ring out in countless facilities to warn occupants of a fire or other emergency.FunctionAlarm bells alert peopl... Read More »

How Does a Personal Alarm Work?

Personal alarms are small, mobile devices that emit a loud sound or siren when activated. They give people a simple, effective, first-line defense when exposed to threatening situations.