How Fast Does Pubic Hair Grow?

Answer After removal, pubic hair takes anywhere from several days to several months to return, depending upon body chemistry and the previous length. It will not grow back faster after shaving.Source:Palo... Read More »

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Does pubic hair grow when you die?

No, that wouldn't be possible. When you're dead everything shuts off, so your hormones and everything that controls (That area) wouldn't function or grow at all

How long does it take for pubic hair to grow back?

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Tips to Grow Pubic Hair?

Pubic hair growth is regulated by the presence of androgens like testosterone in the body. If you notice problems with growth it might warrant a visit to the endocrinologist to make sure you are n... Read More »

How fast does hair grow?

If you want hair to grow faster, you have to take supplements that work on your body chemistry to support hair's growth and strength at its genesis.....once it has grown out, it is just dead kerati... Read More »