How Fast Does Mold Grow on Food?

Answer Mold is a living organism that requires certain conditions to grow on foods. The better those conditions, the faster the mold spores will germinate and grow. Does this Spark an idea?

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How fast can mold grow?

After a moisture or water problem has occurred, mold can begin within 48 hours. However, besides moisture, mold also needs other conditions to grow, such as high temperature and no ultraviolet ligh... Read More »

How to Grow Mold on Bread Fast?

You can get mold to grow on bread fast when the right conditions are present. Tiny mold spores are in the air we breathe and the dust that tends to collect on every horizontal surface. The porous t... Read More »

How fast does house mold grow?

Mold can grow anywhere on a house. Interior mold can take only a couple of days to start and can be harmful to humans. Exterior mold takes a couple of months to grow and grows primarily on the nort... Read More »

How fast does mold grow on wheat bread?

An experiment, published on California State University Northridge's website, compares mold development in white, wheat and rye breads. Measuring mold growth from the date the loaves were purchase... Read More »