How Fast Do Tires Wear?

Answer Becoming familiar with factors that affect tire tread wear can make the difference between frequently buying new tires and stretching the most life out of a tire set. Driving style and degree of m... Read More »

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My tires are kind of cuppin or in another word i have wear tires?

It isnt a balance. They are probably not BS'ing you. Shocks cause uneven wear in tires and a balance would help the problem not fix it.Remember your shocks need changing every 90k

How fast are road bike tires?

On One Hand: About 20 Percent FasterOn a dry street, road "slicks" are 20 percent more efficient than knobbly tires, according to Outside magazine's Gear Guy feature. This is due to reduced frictio... Read More »

How to Inspect Tires for Wear?

It's impossible to prevent your tires from wearing down over time, but if you inspect them regularly, you can help prevent serious damage or a blowout. It's not enough to just look at your tires, h... Read More »

How to Check Snow Tires for Wear?

Winter weather can be especially hard on your vehicle's tires. Check your snow tires for wear often to avoid break downs. Make it a habit to check snow tire pressure and perform visual inspections ... Read More »