How Fast Are Police Cars?

Answer The common police officer vehicles are Crown Victorias and Chevy Impalas. Crown Victoria's miles per hour is as high as 137; Chevy Impala's mph is 124.Source:Crown Victoria SpeedChevy Impala Speed

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How to Advertise on Police Cars?

With budget crunches hitting many police departments, selling advertising space on police cruisers is catching on. Allowing businesses to advertise on police vehicles provides additional income for... Read More »

When did police cars get lights?

The first ever motorized police car was an electric-powered buggy used in Akron, Ohio; it was also the first police car equipped with lights. Other features on the car included a gong and a stretch... Read More »

When did police cars first have radios?

Galvin Manufacturing produced its first radio for police cars in 1930 by modifying its Motorola car radio to pick up frequencies from police departments. Several police departments in Illinois bega... Read More »