How Far in Advance Should Bridal Shower Invitations Be Sent?

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Is it okay to send out bridal shower invitations before wedding invitations?

Traditional wedding etiquette calls for wedding invitations to go out around six weeks before the wedding, and that showers should take place four to six weeks before the wedding, meaning that it i... Read More »

When do I send out bridal shower invitations?

You should send bridal shower invitations out four weeks in advance of the shower date. This will allow guests plenty of time to mark their calendars. It will also allow out of town guests adequate... Read More »

When should bridal shower invitations be mailed?

Bridal shower invitations should be mailed out approximately two months before the bridal shower. This is for both electronic invitations and paper invitations through the mail. This gives guests, ... Read More »

When do you send bridal shower invitations?

Ideally, bridal shower invitations should be mailed out 4 to 8 weeks in advance. This allows guests adequate time to buy an appropriate gift and arrange for child care or the day off if necessary.S... Read More »