How Far Should a Clutch Fork Move to Disengage a Clutch?

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What to Do If an A/C Compressor Clutch Does Not Disengage?

A/C compressors are difficult to work with because of the refrigerant stored inside. When a compressor clutch does not disengage, it will cause the refrigerant to build up and freeze the line. To d... Read More »

How to Fix a Clutch Fork?

Manual transmissions last much longer than their automatic counterparts; however, over time they too become worn down, and certain parts will need replacing. One of the problems which manual transm... Read More »

How to Put a Clutch Fork In a Car?

An imperative part of installing a clutch system in a manual vehicle is the installation of the clutch fork and aligning the clutch fork. A clutch fork is a lever that the clutch linkage operates t... Read More »

What is a clutch fork?

In automobiles, the clutch is a part of the transmission that allows for engine engagement and disengagement in order to prevent gear grinding while shifting. A clutch fork is a key part of the mac... Read More »