How Far Off Are We From Being Able To Control Computers With Our Minds...?

Answer It is science fact. Back in the 80's there was a 'mind control' peripheral for the VIC-20/C64 (I bet that has confused some of the kiddies).It couldn't do much - just detect if something was happe... Read More »

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How can l control the Excel Export from a Gridview. I want to be able to control page size, font, orientation?

I have created Macros before that basically re-formats whole workbooks (from 3 to 50 worksheets) for printing. It is easier to control from within the VBA code of MS-Excel. And it will allow one ... Read More »

Am I able to take a break from birth control?

It won't increase the risk later as long as you start talking them 7 days before he gets back, like another answerer said, but as to weather it's "good for you" well the answer is no. It's not goo... Read More »

What would prevent me from being able to fly (airplane)?

Any doctor would tell you not to fly with a sinus infection or a bad toothache, so if you have either of those problem you wouldn't be allowed to fly by your doctor.I don't condone lying, but do y... Read More »

How to Deal With Not Being Able to See nor Contact Your Girlfriend?

Long distance relationships are tough. When you can't contact your girlfriend at all, it can be heartbreaking. If you're looking to stay with someone whom you can't see or contact at all, read on. ... Read More »