How Far Apart to Plant Lilac Bushes?

Answer Syringa vulgaris is probably the most widely planted lilac, according to the University of Vermont Extension. Early European settlers introduced the hardy plant to the United States, where it remai... Read More »

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How often do lilac bushes bloom?

Lilac bushes typically bloom once per year. While there are many varieties of lilac bushes, most begin flowering early in June, and some late bloomers will not start flowering until July.References... Read More »

Do deer eat lilac bushes?

While no plant is completely deer-proof, the common lilac (Syringa vulgaris) and Japanese tree lilac (Syringa reticulata) are seldom severely damaged by deer, according to Rutgers University. Chine... Read More »

How do I kill lilac bushes?

Spray on HerbicideGet an herbicide that is rated to kill shrubs and brush. Mix the spray according to packaging instructions. Spray the unwanted lilac using the application rate suggested. Do not o... Read More »

How do I remove lilac bushes?

Lilacs are deciduous perennials that produce fragrant white, purple or pink flowers in the spring. They are native to Europe but are found commonly in North America, particularly the northeastern U... Read More »