How Far Apart Do I Plant Marigolds?

Answer Marigold, or calendula officinalis, is commonly referred to as English marigold, pot marigold, calendula and golds. Native to areas in Southern Europe near the Mediterranean Sea, marigolds produce ... Read More »

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How to Plant Marigolds?

Marigolds are a great plant because they're easy to care for and are a natural pest repellent for your garden. They are also available in a variety of colors, hybrids and the natural kind.

How to Plant Marigolds From Deheaded Blossoms?

Marigold plants are an old flower that was enjoyed by the Aztecs. When the conquistadors of Spain came to North America, they saw the flower and took it back to Europe. It became a favorite due its... Read More »

How do i plant marigolds in vegetable gardens?

SeedSow marigold seeds directly in the vegetable garden a couple of weeks before the last frost in your area. Cover them lightly with soil. The soil and sunlight requirements for marigolds are the ... Read More »

Are marigolds a good thing to plant around tomato plants?

On One Hand: Reduce Nematode Damage and BlightMarigolds offer significant benefits to tomato plants. Their roots release a sulfur-based compound that kills nematodes and some other insects. In a 20... Read More »